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Grand Health Package

Fidelity Life Medical Aid Society

Allows access to twin bedded wards in private hospital facilities, emergency rooms and specialists.


  • Private hospital facilities – GROUP 1 (Avenues, Rock foundation, Trauma centre, West end ER, Mater de)
  • Private Practitioners, General Wards, Emergency rooms, special treatment

Summary of major benefits

  • Institutions: Treatment at Group 1 Private institutions
  • Consultation: 100% OF ZIMA
  • Specialist Treatment: Covered in full up to agreed limits
  • Hospitalisation: 100% OF ZIMA
  • Drugs: Covered in full
  • Optical: Covered in full up to 400
  • Dental: Covered in full up to 100
  • Maternity: Covered in full

Waiting periods

3 months Admission and treatment at a hospital, general consultation, upgrading to a higher package
6 months Spectacles, CT & MRI scans, special treatment
9 months Maternity benefit
12 months Foreign specialist treatment, homes providing care
24 months Chronic medication for cancer drugs, haemodialysis, chemotherapy

NB: Waiting periods may be waived for individuals coming from other medical aid societies.