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Funeral Cash Plan

Fidelity Life Assurance


  • A flexible source of cash designed to meet a broad spectrum of funeral related expenses which may include payment of outstanding hospital bills, lobola balances( in the event that the death of one’s wife), and other unforeseen overheads at a funeral.
  • The product allows the insured to make services adjustments at the point of claim.


  • It creates the lump sum cash to pay for funeral related services beyond the limits found under the traditional funeral assurance.
  • The Fidelity Funeral cash plan provides immediate non-monetary services such as;
  • Removal
  • High quality Caskets
  • Use of private mortuary
  • Wash and dress
  • Hearse
  • Bus
  • Groceries
  • Documentation
  • And the balance in cash for other needs as the bereaved may please.