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Funeral Services

Fidelity Funeral Assurance


  • Designed to meet burial costs for the whole clan.
  • Cover is for life however, premium are paid over a closed term.
  • No waiting period for death as a result of an accident.
  • Pays out monthly income to surviving dependents post the death of policyholder
  • Provides services to any place within Zimbabwe.
  • Provides mourners’ transport.
  • Claims are settled within 30 minutes


  • Takes away the inconvenience of running around to make funeral arrangements.
  • Removes the need for lump sum money to pay for the burial of a loved one and guarantees quality services which will include;
    1. Removal
    2. High quality Caskets
    3. Use of private mortuary
    4. Wash and dress
    5. Hearse
    6. Bus
    7. Groceries
    8. Documentation
    9. Cash to surviving spouse and children