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Group Funeral Assurance

Fidelity Life Assurance


  • Structured to cover members of an Association or employees of a company including spouse/spouses, children, parents and in-laws.
  • Cover is immediate
  • Underwritten on a non-medical basis.
  • Premium are generally low
  • Minimum documentation is need and claims are settled instantly.


  • Cement the relationship between employer and employee and guarantees improved productivity.
  • Reduces cash flow challenges which may come with employee borrowings towards burial of their dependents.
  • Guarantees quality services which will include;

    1. Removal
    2. High quality Caskets
    3. Use of private mortuary
    4. Wash and dress
    5. Hearse
    6. Bus
    7. Groceries
    8. Documentation
  • Cash to surviving spouse and children