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We at Fidelity Funeral understand that death can take place at any time, and at any place, and as such we are always ready to assist you. Fidelity Funeral is offering loans to those who want to offer their loved ones a dignified and respectable burial, but are facing financial challenges.

Situated at 147 Harare Street, Fidelity Funeral is open 24hrs 365days of the year. We are consistently and reliably available to all clients – be it new walk-in clients or our existing assurance clients. Our services start right at the point of death, as we offer house and hospital removals. We understand that friends and family left behind yearn for a respectable funeral for their dearly departed. As such loans are now being availed to clients, and can be repaid over a 3month period after the funeral has taken place. Fidelity Funeral Assurance is offering clients peace of mind through this sorrowful period.

Our loans assist family members by providing them with quality yet affordable coffins and caskets. We have both local and imported caskets for the discerning client. We do not disappoint in the transportation of that coffin or casket. Our fleet comprises of state-of-the-art hearses which safely and proudly transport your loved one to their final resting place.

With the loans on offer the client can have peace of mind as Fidelity Funeral Assurance conducts the entire funeral. On offer are a variety of funeral packages that clients can choose from – i.e. Lavender, Carnations or Roses packages. Each package offers different coffins and caskets, the choice being left to the client to select the package they are most comfortable with. Superior service is guaranteed with Fidelity Funeral conducting the burial anywhere in Zimbabwe. In addition all packages offer transportation for the deceased as well as for mourners, and all packages offer groceries to use at the funeral.

Should you want to plan ahead, you can get a funeral assurance scheme with Fidelity Funeral Assurance. All services as indicated above will be provided, and in addition we offer clients a Family Welfare Benefit which ensures that in the event of the death of the breadwinner, Fidelity Funeral will pay out cash to the surviving family for 12months post the death of the breadwinner.

For our corporate clients we also offer an attractive package – The Prepayment Plan. This package is ideal for corporate clients, as they only pay a specified amount to cater for their employee’s funerals. This is a departure from the traditional assurance scheme where premiums are lost at the end of each year. Under this product, the client owns their asset and at the same time is guaranteed that in the e vent of death, services will be provided without having to pay anything extra. The client gets credit back where the actual annual mortality is lower than the expected.