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Fidelity Life Assurance has started deducting premiums on your policies based on the contracts that are lodged with us. All policies have been converted to US dollars effective 1 April 2009. This value will be the new take on value should you decide to continue with your policy.

All reactivated policies will have a minimum take on value of $10.00 which has been paid in by Fidelity Life Assurance

In addition:

  • All investment policies that are reactivated will have their take on values accumulating performance profits as from 01 April 2009. So even if you could not pay your premiums until December 2009, your return on your policy will be calculated from April 2009!
  • For a minimum contribution of $5 on life and endowment policies, Fidelity Life Assurance will pay out a minimum sum assured of $1000.00 on maturity (or death).
  • In the event of the policy being cancelled the ex-gratia payments shall cease to take effect.