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Fidelity Funeral was founded in July 2007. Since inception it has been providing funeral services as well as funeral assurance. As a subsidiary of Fidelity Life, Fidelity Funeral Services has experts in insurance, and is able to offer clients holistic funeral assurance.

Fidelity Funeral’s service is impeccable. According to Priscilla Mawere, “the service offered on one of the funerals in their family, was splendid. The service was professional and very well handled”.  Samuel Katsenga also confirmed that the undertakers at Fidelity Funeral are mature, profession and offer an excellent service.This is living proof of the dignified, respectable and reliable service Fidelity has to offer. Scholars say the taste of the pudding is in the eating. This is true to Fidelity, as the motto is “for comfort”. Fidelity has been able to offer clients comfort in their greatest time of need. Death is an issue which is difficult to deal with and to accept. It is at this time that one can truly count the number of friends and even family members they have. Fidelity Funeral can proudly say it is amongst those few friends who are always there, always supportive, for their clients’ in their time of need.


Open 24hrs 365days of the year, Fidelity Funeral is consistently available to clients – be it walk-in clients or existing assurance clients. We at Fidelity Funeral understand that death can take place at any time, and at any place, and as such we are always ready to assist you. Our services start right at the point of death, as we offer house removals and even hospital removals.

Everyone wants a dignified burial. Friends and family left behind yearn for a respectable funeral for their dearly departed. Fidelity Funeral helps family members by providing affordable quality coffins and caskets. We have both local and imported caskets for the discerning client. We do not disappoint in the transportation of that coffin or casket. Our fleet comprises of state-of-the-art hearses which safely and proudly transport your loved one to their final resting place.

For those loved ones who need to be repatriated, we at Fidelity Funeral offer this service and have a record of experience in repatriations.

For the Individual, Fidelity Funeral Assurance offers clients a choice of packages to choose from, ensuring that you are comfortable with the premiums and guaranteeing that you get the service that you pay for. Clients can choose the type of service package they want – Lavender, Carnations or Roses. Although the packages offer different coffins and caskets, they all offer transport for the deceased and also for mourners, as well as groceries to use at the funeral.  In addition, Fidelity offers a Family Welfare Benefit which ensures that in the event of the death of the breadwinner, Fidelity will pay out cash to the surviving family for 12months post the death of the breadwinner.

For the Corporate Client, Fidelity Funeral offers a number of packages which all assist in time of need. Our product range is as follows:

Assurance scheme – under this arrangement, monthly premiums are paid to the assurer against the promise of specific services to be offered at the time of death. The Services are specified at the time of taking the policy. This is a monthly renewable contract. Where premiums are not up to date services will not be provided. Premiums are a function of services required, number of employees and mortality rate.

Prepayment Plan: This package is ideal for corporate clients, as they only pay a specified amount to cater for their employee’s funerals. This is a departure from the traditional assurance scheme where premiums are lost at the end of each year. Under this product, the client owns their asset and at the same time is guaranteed that in the e vent of death, services will be provided without having to pay anything extra. The client gets credit back where the actual annual mortality is lower than the expected.

NGO Unitised Segregated Fund: This package allows one to participate in group arrangements and take advantage of the reduced premiums, and still be recognized as a holder of an individual policy. Furthermore, should your contract with your employer end, you can still continue with your contributions and maintain cover. Contributions do not go on forever, after a period of time you will be automatically covered (and will not need to pay premiums)! Should you decide you are no longer interested in the policy, we at Fidelity Funeral can refund you.

Credit Plan: This package is open to all people. We understand that cash is not always available, especially when faced with unplanned events like funerals. In such instances Fidelity Funeral can offer services on credit. All you have to do is have a stop order arrangement with us, and we can assist you ….. because we offer comfort in your time of need.