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Fidelity Life Assurance has been in the insurance industry for several decades. We have been the pioneers in a number of insurance products and we can proudly state that we still are a strong key player in this industry. The hyper-inflationary economic turmoil that Zimbabwe went through was a challenge for all insurance players and it resulted in a number of insurers falling off the wayside as it was a challenge to keep up with the turbulent environment. However, we at Fidelity Life Assurance have come up with innovative ways to resuscitate the contracts and come up with more relevant products.

Way forward on old policies

Even when dollarisation came, the challenges did not end. We at Fidelity were disappointed when we saw the true value of policies coming down drastically. But we did not end there! We are encouraging all Fidelity Life Assurance policy holders to pay a minimum of $5 and this will purchase them a minimum sum assured of $1000. Therefore, Fidelity Life Assurance has opened a window where you pay $5, and your immediate payout value at maturity is $1000. So for just $5, you or your beneficiaries get $1000! So call Fidelity today and find out about your policy.

New product Offering

Educational Policies-Over and above this, Fidelity Life Assurance has a wide array of products on offer, which include “Little Genius Educational Policy”. Gone are the days of free education and free University education. You have to plan for your child’s education and Fidelity realizes that education is the best and most valuable inheritance you can ever leave as a legacy to your child. Therefore this investment for your child has to start today! Fidelity Life Assurance makes it easy for you, so you do not have financial strain when the time dawns on you.

World Soccer Plan- To all our soccer fanatics, Fidelity Life presents yet another opportunity for you to watch the most prestigious games World Soccer Plan 2014.   If you start planning for it now,   then  in  five (5) years time you and your friends can be staying in a 5 star hotel, watching face-to-face the world champions compete for the World’s Best Soccer Trophy!

Key man Plan- Our latest brand of the KEYMAN plan that focuses on employers to get compensate for the loss of trading income that may result from the loss of the service of the key employee in case of death, sickness or injury. More details can be made available to the corporate representatives by contacting our offices.