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As Fidelity Funeral Company celebrates its first anniversary, it does not forget those that have made the company what it is today – the shareholders and the community as a whole. As part of the 1st anniversary festivities, the company has earmarked a celebration of a different kind- giving back to the community.

As a way of appreciating the community’s support and giving something back to them, Fidelity Funeral embarked on a corporate social investment initiative to better the community in which they operate. Part of the company’s business is offering burial and funeral services; these are offered to both policy holders and non policy holders. As such the company uses the city’s many cemeteries as part of its day to day business.

It is in the light of this background that the company has invested in making these cemeteries a look and feel a little bit better for the people who use them to bury their loved ones. They are, after all, havens of final rest for loved ones. Since a funeral is a time to reflect and bid farewell to those we love, it needs to be done in an environment that us tranquil and peaceful. Unfortunately, the current state of our cemeteries does not project this as most cemeteries are over grown with grass and heavily littered.

In a bid to enhance the appearance of tranquility of these places of final rest, Fidelity Funeral staff members, as part of their contribution to the company’s Corporate Social Investment initiatives, will be embarking on voluntary work to clean up one of these cemeteries, namely Granville. The project which is ongoing was started with the cleaning of Granville cemetery’s Section A. In the near future the company will continue to make contributions to the clean- up and maintenance of other sections of the cemetery. The company has been working hand in hand with the City of Harare in identifying areas in the cemetery that need the most urgent attention. Thereafter the Fidelity Funeral team will start by cutting grass and collecting litter. They will later carry on with the upkeep of their adopted area and ensure it remains clean and well kempt. Working towards the upkeep of the cemeteries is a natural fit to the business of Fidelity Funeral. And as an extension of this natural fit Fidelity Life Group will in the near fututure be allocated some land from the City of to develop a private cemetery. This will see the company opening a memorial park that will offer private burial plots to members of the public. Furthermore, the company will offer additional value to their funeral assurance policy holders. The cemetery will, however, also be open to non policy holders.

The team at Fidelity Funeral will continue with their work in the community well past their 1st birthday and their adopted sites will be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.