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Fidelity Life Medical Aid Society

A committed and responsible player in the health insurance sector offering excellent service and value for money.

Fidelity Life Medical Aid Society (Flimas) was established over 40 years ago, but opened its doors to the general public in 2002. We are a highly innovative society providing solutions to clients in need of managing their health care. As a committed and responsible player in the health insurance sector FLIMAS offers excellent services to clients and delivers value for money. With the high cost of medical care, we have designed special products and wellness programs to cushion members.

Deluxe Health Package

An executive scheme allowing the discerning client access to executive private hospital facilities, as well as regional facilities. Superior annual benefi t limits guarantee access to regional facilities as well. Access to emergency rooms and specialists.

Grand Health Package

Allows access to twin bedded wards in private hospital facilities, emergency rooms and specialists.

Access Health Package

This is ideal for blue collar employees, allowing access to general wards in private hospital facilities. Clients can also access private practitioners.

Express Health Package

Value oriented package which allows clients access to some form of private hospital facility. It also allows clients to visit private practitioners but does not give access to emergency rooms.

Foundation Health Package

Foundation: Economical package which gives access to government and mission hospital facilities.

To compliment these relevant packages, FLIMAS has categorized their offering under the FLIMAS Elite, FLIMAS Health Partner and the FLIMAS Managed Healthcare Scheme.


Caters for the highly discerning members, by offering them a choice to use any health service provider and the Society will settle claims based on ZIMA tariff in line with the benefi t limits. In this instance, there are no restrictions and members are not guided by the Society’s tariffs but by the Provider’s Association tariffs e.g. the Gynae’s Association, Anesthetist’s Association, e.t.c.

FLIMAS Health Partner

Members are obliged to use service providers that are on the medical aid’s expanding provider network or any service provider whose charges are within the society’s network tariffs. Claims are settled in line with the AfHoz tariff.

FLIMAS Managed Healthcare Scheme

This package is designed to cater for those organizations that prefer to take on 100% risk and do not want the pooling effect that medical insurance brings. Ownership of funds remains with the group which then sets its own rules and benefi t limits as well as the subscriptions. FLIMAS will be the administrator and provides advisory services and ensures that the fund is set up in line with legislative requirements. This scheme allows enormous fl exibility whilst at the same time ensuring the much needed health care is provided to employees and their loved ones. In all cases, the fund owners have the final say and have the much needed free will.

CompCare Product

For Zimbabwean students studying at a South African tertiary institution, you can rest assured knowing that we will cover you should you need medical attention during your studies.

With FLIMAS, you can trust that your health is well taken care of, as service provision, relevant medical aid plus a nationwide acceptance of the card is the pride of Fidelity Life Medical Aid Society.