Established 45 years ago as an closed society, and opened to the public in 2002, FLIMAS is a committed and responsible player in the health insurance industry and is geared towards providing solutions to clients' needs in terms of managing health care provision and associated costs. We are passionate about rendering an exceptional service, delivering value for money, caring for the welfare of our employees while giving a fair return to the shareholders.

The society is fully licensed by the Ministry of Health and is a member of the Association of Health Funders of Zimbabwe.

Like all other societies, FLIMAS offers the traditional packages that the general medical aid fraternity offers on top of which we have developed unique products that have been tailor made to tackle the prevailing economic challenges. These new products include:


Members are obliged to use service providers that are on the medical aid’s expanding provider network or any service provider whose charges are within the Society’s Network tariffs. The Society will pay 100% of the costs from the provider networks or up to the tariff should the member seek treatment from service providers outside the network. In all cases, the maximum is the amount stated in the benefit limits.


FLIMAS Elite members have a choice to use any provider and the Society will pay up to 100% of the fees charged up to the benefit limits. In this instance, there are no restrictions and members are not guided by the Society’s tariffs but by the Provider Association tariffs.


This package is designed to cater for those organizations that prefer to administer their funds and retain ownership of such funds. It allows organization to pay their claims as they go as opposed to paying subscriptions that they have no access to.  This new scheme allows enormous flexibility and control of funds at the same time ensuring the much needed health care is provided to employees and their loved ones. Other than the medical bills and pharmaceutical bills the scheme also allows for usage on shortfalls which accrue when one is admitted in hospital for procedures that exceed stated benefits. In all cases, the fund owners have the final say and much needed free will.


There has been a trend in the developing countries for members to join health savings schemes or medical savings accounts plans. These schemes are segregated schemes that apply to the individual account holder. For members who are healthy, the schemes allow members to enjoy medical cover at the same time accumulating funds yearly for use during times of ill health. Funds are credited into the member’s account monthly and the member retains ownership of such funds. Members utilize their account balance for selected procedures and drugs purchases.


The Funeral add-on is designed to bring value through product enhancement and innovation. Apart from the convenience, the option works out to be cheaper than taking out a separate funeral cover and administratively, it is more efficient. This is an opportunity for to extend the benefits on your medical aid.

FLIMAS has the full structure to provide the full funeral services and guarantees you quality that you have come to know from FLIMAS

The Life Card: Virtual Banking with Flimas : Coming soon!